Our Story

We are British designers and handcrafted manufacturers of luxury statement concrete, bringing glamour, colour and character to concrete with our timeless designs that are distinctly Elle and James.

Our love of concrete stems from the strength, versatility and natural beauty of this unique and timeless material and the endless possibilities this provides us as a designer and manufacturer. We are firm believers that imagination is everything and concrete allows us to express our creativity without limits, just like it did for the Romans nineteen hundred years ago. 

Concrete is a highly resistant and durable material with an appeal that has endured for centuries. The Romans used concrete extensively in their structures as it enabled revolutionary new designs in structural complexity and dimension, such as the Pantheon, the world’s largest and oldest unreinforced concrete dome, and one of our favourite architectural sites in Rome.

Inspired by this and our passion for interiors, construction and history, Elle and James want to transform how concrete is used today in homes and commercial spaces, with our innovative, world first designs bringing individual style and versatility to where, when and how concrete is used.

Danielle and James launched Elle and James in July 2019 with a range of geometric concrete basins, shapes which are firm favourites in home decor continuing a trend which has endured throughout history.

Ancient societies used bold geometric patterns to reflect their cultural identity, likewise, we based our launch range on timeless geometric designs to reflect our business identity of pushing boundaries with bold, unique and stylish basins. Our geometric shaped basins demonstrate our creative design and fabrication capabilities, as well as the versatility of concrete.

As part of our range, we have designed and manufactured the world’s first hexagon and triangle shaped concrete basins, bringing more inspiring ways in which geometric styles can be used within interior spaces. Our basins all have Italian names linking our desire to transform how concrete is used and viewed back to that of the Romans, whilst also drawing upon other associations and meanings, including our love of Italy.

In November 2019, and again in 2020, we were announced as a Finalist in the Designer Maker category at the Northern Design Awards and we are continuing to develop and expand our product range with regular launches of new concrete creations.