A sophisticated and unique hexagonal basin combining
geometric glamour with timeless elegance

A sophisticated and unique hexagonal basin combining geometric glamour with timeless elegance.

Our world first hexagon shaped Ferla basin continues the geometric trend for a shape prevalent in nature for its efficiency. Our Ferla range, named after the architect Michele da Ferla who designed Grammichele in Sicily as the first city in Europe with a hexagonal plan, has three variations; the Ferla Classic basin, the Ferla Linear basin and the Ferla Ribbed basin. All three have the same hexagon detail around the inner reveal. The distinction in design is in the exterior detail.

The Ferla Ribbed basin has the same design features as the Classic version with the addition of having a vertical ribbed surface on the exterior face which adds a characterful dimension.

The Ferla Ribbed basin is available in five sizes.


* Ferla Ribbed Sizes:

* Colours:


* Finishes:

Colours and Finishes


Our basin range is made up of greyscale, pastel and dark colours. The greyscale colours are available as standard with all our basins and comprise white through to black including various shades of grey. All other colours attract a surcharge of £36 inclusive of VAT per basin. Our full range of colours can be viewed on our colours page.

We also offer a bespoke colour service so if you have something unique in mind please contact us to discuss your requirements.


All our basins are available to order with or without pitting (small holes) on the outside surface.



Product Sizes

Product Code Width Depth Height
FR01 380 mm 330 mm 115 mm
FR02 420 mm 365 mm 120 mm
FR03 460 mm 400 mm 120 mm
FR04 500 mm 435 mm 125 mm
FR05 540 mm 470 mm 128 mm

Technical Drawings



Where your basin will be wall mounted you will require wall mounted brackets. All our brackets are priced at £90 inclusive of VAT and postage per pair. They are powder coated in white or black as standard and we send out the colour that best suits your basin colour. All other RAL colours are available as part of our bespoke colour service so if you have something unique in mind please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Concrete basins are heavy so it’s your responsibility to ensure that the brackets are fixed sufficiently to a structural wall in order to support your basin. Our wall mounted brackets must be recessed into the wall by 12-30mm and fixed to an appropriate wall structure such as timber or brick to ensure your basin is fully supported. We always recommend that a qualified and professional installer be used to install wall mounted brackets.


Elle and James concrete basins are designed as standard without an overflow. If you require an overflow on your basin, we can provide this as part of our bespoke service so please contact us to discuss your requirements.


We pride ourselves on the superior quality of our basins, so they are all handcrafted to order with a lead time of 2 to 3 weeks before dispatch. Progress updates are provided during the production process and we reserve the right to vary our lead times in-line with demand. Our lead times for bespoke concrete services are advised on an individual basis.


Delivery costs are calculated based on the weight of the items ordered with a standard cost of £48 for orders below 30kg and £98 for orders above 30kg. Delivery is usually within 48 hours of dispatch. You are advised to fully inspect all items ordered within 12 hours of delivery and you should notify us in writing of any faulty or damaged products within 72 hours of receiving your order.

We can design and manufacture a basin that suits your individual requirements and specification. Where you have an unusual or awkward space which requires a basin of non-standard dimensions, where you have something unique in mind in terms of shape and colour, or where you simply want to express your imagination, we can work with you to create your perfect basin. It can be anything from a small vessel, to an integrated basin and vanity top, through to a large format, multi-use vanity.

Please contact us if you would like to discuss a bespoke concrete basin.